GPS Tracking

CIS has the capability to place GPS tracking devices on vehicles (personal or company) to ascertain the whereabouts of the vehicle as well as knowing where the vehicle has been, e.g., places visited, etc. GPS tracking gives an employer “peace of mind” by simply knowing where company vehicle’s and expensive merchandise are at all times. GPS also allows a parent or guardian know where his or her child is and as a parent, this is “PRICELESS” in today’s society. GPS tracking also gives a spouse the ability to see if a loved one has been unfaithful by tracking the vehicle’s whereabouts and where the vehicle has been. Michigan lawmakers have eased the lawful use of GPS tracking by private investigators, in other words, a GPS may be placed on a vehicle by a licensed private investigative firm to obtain information for various reasons.

Michigan legislation passed a law which allows licensed private investigators to use GPS tracking devices on vehicles In an effort to define and create boundaries about the acceptable use of GPS devices, the state of Michigan passed legislation that will allow the use of GPS monitoring equipment by licensed private investigators. With the new language in the Michigan law, licensed private detectives will be allowed to attach electric vehicle monitoring devices onto a motor vehicle without the authorized consent of the driver. What makes this legislation so important for private investigators is that it will allow detectives to “COVERTLY” gather evidence on targets while keeping those involved with the investigation process out of harms way.